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Interview with Dr. Danielle Hill, NCPA Member and Contestant in the 2017 Miss Nebraska USA Pageant

Friday, January 6, 2017  
Posted by: Lori Beck
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By Lori Beck, Director of Marketing & Events

Dr. Danielle Hill, an NCPA member from Grant, Nebraska, will be competing for the Miss Nebraska USA title in mid-January. She is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College, and owns her practice, Chiropractic Lifestyles, LLC., located in Grant, where she treats every family member, including animals.

The NCPA proud to sponsor Dr. Hill and her goal of obtaining the crown. For the upcoming competition, Dr. Hill’s platform is chiropractic care and preventative health. She hopes to inspire others by sharing her message of the importance of chiropractic, and how it plays a fundamental part of health and wellness.

Recently, Dr. Hill was interviewed regarding her approach to health and her goals if she became the next Miss Nebraska USA:


What led you to become a chiropractor?

                My first chiropractic experience was with one of my 4-H show animals, a 1300lb. steer named Zorro. As a last ditch effort, we took him to an animal chiropractor. After he was adjusted, we ended up winning our class at the state fair. Since then, I knew I wanted to not only serve animals, but also people in a more natural way of healthcare. At my office in Grant, I adjust ALL members of the family, even the four-legged ones!


What is your approach to health and wellness?

                My philosophy is that we all have health within us. The power that created the body, heals the body.  Chiropractic care unlocks the health and brings life back to the body.  Seeing true potential flourish and health resorted after a chiropractic adjustment, is a joy I get to experience on a daily basis.


Why did you decide to compete in the Miss Nebraska USA pageant?

                Competing for Miss Nebraska USA will give me louder voice to share the message of health. This title would give me the chance to reach across the entire state and put Nebraska on the map as being a leader and model in health.   I have been able to make a huge difference in my local community and am ready to take my message of healthy living and chiropractic statewide.


How do you feel chiropractic care can benefit the public?

                Chiropractic care needs to be an integral part of every community. We are very blessed in the America to have a choice on how we achieve health.  A chiropractor offers the most innate form of achieving health and wellness.  The benefits your community can gain are infinite.

                Being a chiropractor in my community has allowed me to be an encourager and get people back doing what they want to do. Maybe that’s getting back in the tractor, playing with grandkids, running a marathon, or soothing a fussy baby.


If you were to win the crown, what would your first steps be in educating the public on chiropractic care?

                We need to start with our youth. As Miss Nebraska USA, I will be a presence in the classroom and at extracurricular activities.   If we can educate children that health is their greatest asset and help them create healthy habits at a young age, their goals and aspirations are undoubtedly attainable.


What are some tips or advice for anyone out there who wants to improve their health and wellness?

                Consistency is key.  Making wise nutritional decisions on a daily basis, like shopping the perimeter of the store. Remember, the body was created to move, regular exercise is a must. And seek out a chiropractor!  We are here to encourage and inspire you on your journey to health and then, will help you maintain it! 


Any additional items you want to share with fellow members and the public about the pageant?

                  I would greatly appreciate your help in the journey to the crown!  On January 9th, 2017, the People’s Choice Award voting will open and found at the following link:   All of the proceeds from the People’s Choice voting goes to the Warriors for Ross Foundation.  The primary mission of Ross’ Foundation is to help ease the emotional and financial strain on families with a child battling cancer.

                 Additionally, you are also invited to the Miss Nebraska USA Pageant!  The preliminary competition will be hosted at the Rose Theater in Omaha, NE on Saturday, January 14th, at 7:00pm. Finals will be hosted at the same location on Sunday, January 15th, at 7:00pm, where they will crown the new Miss Nebraska USA 2017! Tickets are available online ( or at the door. You can also watch the pageant live at:

Thank you for your support and hope to see you at the pageant!

The NCPA wishes Dr. Hill the best in her final preparations and during the competition. We will be excited to follow the outcome of the event!


Story Follow-up:  1/9/17

Congratulations to Dr. Danielle Hill, who placed as the 4th runner up in the Miss Nebraska USA pageant! Thank you for sharing your message of health and wellness through chiropractic care!